Newsletter #2
February 2019

Since the publication of Newsletter #1, a lot of water- and environment-related activity went on at LNEC: new contracts, preparation of several National and European research proposals, new and exciting results from ongoing research. However, in this editorial I would like to highlight a different theme: our young water professionals.
It is part of our DNA to host and train young water students and professionals, at various levels of maturity, covering a wide range of scientific disciplines within the field of water and the environment. They join us, stay with us for periods that can range from a month to several years, and most of them follow their professional life externally to LNEC. However, they seldom lose their ties with LNEC, constituting our most valuable diaspora. At LNEC, they are the essence of our dynamism: they are the main agents of innovation, with their Masters and PhD theses, with their out-of-the-box ideas. They often challenge their older fellows to innovate. Their lively style and joviality are contagious. When they leave us, their legacy represents the best of themselves. This evolution is intrinsic to the nature of any healthy research house. We need to be able to attract the best of our trainees to renew our staff. At the same time, we must encourage this continuous movement of people who create knowledge with us and carry LNEC’s trademark in their future careers. More info

Projet OPENCoastS
OPENCoastS: Coastal circulation on-demand forecast
Service that builds on-demand circulation forecast systems for user-selected sections of the coast and maintains them running operationally for the timeframe defined by the user.
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Projet BINGO
The Horizon 2020 project BINGO: Bringing INnovation to onGOing water management - a better future under climate change aims to reduce the uncertainty of short-term climate projections and to develop strategies and adaptation measures. Tools are being developed to better cope with the droughts and floods that are predictable due to climate change. All data produced by BINGO is open access.
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Modelação numérica de propagação de ondas na vizinhança do porto e do impacto do prolongamento do molhe
Studies in Physical and Numerical Model of the Breakwater’s Extension of the Port of Leixões
With the goal of studying the best solution for the extension of its outer breakwater in order to increase its sheltering conditions and allow the entrance of container ships up to 300 m in length, numerical and physical modelling of wave propagation in Leixões harbour were performed. The current layout and 6 alternatives of the extension were tested.
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DHA & Society
Projet ECH20
DHA researchers participate in the recently launched 18-month "ECH2O-AGUA" project. This project is coordinated by APRH and co-financed by the European Union and Camões I.P, under the NoPlanetB-AMI Project. It will promote the adoption of more efficient water use practices among the population.
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Engª Cruz e Azevedo Award
The APAET Association awarded authors André Ramos, Juana Fortes and Liliana Pinheiro receberam, the best scientific and technical paper award for the paper "Ensaios em Modelo Físico de Agitação Marítima em Redor de um Navio Livre".


4th ECCA - European Climate Change Adaptation.
Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB) between 28 and  31 of May 2019.   4th ecca european climate change adaptation 

During 70th anniversary celebrations of the DHA, the LNEC showed to the public objects that testify its long scientific and technical experience in the field of hydraulics and water resources, also integrating environmental factors. This exhibition was open from September to November 2018".   ligação   LNEC opened to the public the access to visit its Maritime and Fluvial Hydraulics Pavilions. Several visitors had the chance to walk along these buildings on a Saturday morning. They were guided and informed on physical and experimental modelling activities by DHA specialists.   ligação